BIO-OPT-XUV Workshop 1

October  3- 4, 2011 at CTU FBME, Kladno, Czech Republic

The first  BIO-OPT-XUV  Workshop, organized as part of the MEYS ESF Project CZ.1.07/2.3.00/20.0092:  “BIO-XUV Research Team Advancement at FBME CTU”  will be held in Kladno, October 3-4, 2011.  The general scope of the Workshop is to provide information about the project goals and to discuss with all partners and cooperating institutions how to best coordinate their efforts for a successful completion of  the project.

The sessions of the first day, October 3, will be open to the public, and will  consist mostly of invited oral presentations of the project partners and coordinators on their research and educational activities. These presentations will be dealing with XUV laboratory sources, new methods in biomedical imaging, new combined TR/OPT/UV/XUV spectroscopy, photobiology and photo-medicine of (non-) neoplastic mucosal affections, fluorescence spectroscopy and microscopy of  bio-membranes, and fibre optics for fluorescence biosensors.

The second day, October 4, will be organized as a closed coordinating meeting of the partners, coordinators, and collaborators to work out the details of the coordinated research & educational steps of all participating groups and institutions, to organize dissemination of the joint results, and to unify our criteria for evaluating the research outcomes.

All interested university administrators, researchers, teachers and students are cordially invited to participate. The registration booth will be put up in Hotel  Kladno, October 3, 2011 from 8 to 9 o’clock before  the  first session.

With warm regards,

Miroslava Vrbová
Faculty of Biomedical Engineering
Czech Technical University in  Prague
Sítná 3105
272 00 Kladno 2

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